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Parking at Marine Gate

Parking in the snow

Parking in the snow

We are fortunate, compared to many in Brighton, that Marine Gate is well provided with parking facilities. However, we do need rules, especially for times of high demand from residents and visitors.

No-one has any right to park any vehicle at Marine Gate unless they hold a lease to a garage or an underground garage space which entitles them to keep a motor vehicle in that garage or space.
There is a parking scheme for residents and visitors which can be altered or withdrawn at any time and is only offered to those residents without a garage or underground parking space.

The Parking Scheme

Parking spaces for those without a garage or underground parking space are marked in the front and west wing forecourts.

There is a yearly permit that runs from January to December that allows residents who have no garage or underground parking space to park a car in any one of the unallocated forecourt spaces. These permits must be applied for, are non-transferable, and each permit is identified to a flat and car registration number. Permits must be fully displayed on either the windscreen or dashboard, in clear view.

Visitors may fill out a temporary paper permit which must show the car registration number, the flat that the visitor is attending and a contact telephone number. Temporary permits must be fully displayed on either the windscreen or dashboard, in clear view. Temporary permits are only valid for 24 hours.

Marine Gate’s security staff must ensure that emergency services vehicles are able to enter and exit without hindrance, and to be able to contact a vehicle owner should the vehicle be causing an obstruction or hazard (such as a fuel leak).

In the event of all spaces being filled, residents with parking permits have priority over visitors and those residents with a garage or underground space. These may be asked to remove their vehicles.

The parking scheme has enforcement notices clearly posted at entrances and exits, and within sight of the bays. Vehicles which are parked in contravention of the regulations are deemed to be parked illegally will be served with a fixed penalty charge, through an external enforcement agency.

The scheme has acted successfully to remove vehicles which have no business at Marine Gate, and provided that residents are prepared to co-operate with one another it should not be necessary to enforce the rules on residents.