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Marine Gate Today

Today, Marine Gate is home to 132 flats. These range in size from small studios to large 4 bedroom apartments. The flat numbers to the building are arranged in the American style with the floors being allocated letters (A-J). The flats are numbered according to their horizontal position in the block, and are numbered 1-17.

The exception to this is the ground floor of the west wing, where the apartments have been converted from the old restaurant. These are prefixed with the letter 'R'.

The basement of the building houses an underground garage with allocated spaces owned by leaseholders. The garage also houses a car-wash bay and cycle store open to all residents.

Further garages are situated within the grounds, again owned by leaseholders. A permit system operates on the two car parks at the front and west sides of the building. These spaces are not allocated and further details on the parking scheme can be found

The grounds extend to just under four acres. There is a well-kept garden at the front and east of the building, with a grassed area to the north. The gardens are tended by a visiting gardener, plus several residents.


Some flats have allocated parking in either the basement, or seperate garages to the rear of the building. Every leaseholder has access to the cycle store (right).


Marine Gate has three main entrances. The centre foyer houses the security lodge which is staffed 24 hours a day. Seven passenger lifts serve every apartment in the building, along with seven goods lifts serving the rear of the flats.


Marine Gate has a well kept south-facing front garden, which is used to hold a residents garden party in the summer. The north side of the building is mostly lawn.